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Jukebox Hire

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Jukebox Hire

and PA rental

Germanys Premiere Mobile DJ Service

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The Mobydisc Jukebox & Karaoke Hire!

More than 30 years ago, mobydisc came up with the professional Party DJ. Now we have taken all our experiences and put them into this machine: The mobydisc Jukebox.

Don't need a DJ?

But you want the professional Sound and the great music range that you are used to from mobydisc? Rent our Jukebox for the perfect solution for your party!

How do I rent the Jukebox?

First step is asking about the current availability, most easily through the form at the top right of this page. Alternatively, you're welcome to call us! You can hire the Jukebox with personnel, in which case we will personally bring the Jukebox to you, set it up, explain all its functions, disassemble and pick it up after the party. Or you can collect the Jukebox at our office near Frankfurt and return it yourself. We also offer our latest Jukebox for lease with online shipping. We send the Jukebox and instructions to the place of your party, and will support you over the phone should any problems arise.


What can the Jukebox do?


Easy! Thousands of tracks are waiting to fill your dance floor. You or your guests just choose the style and the Jukebox will take care of the rest. Or pick your favourite songs title by title. The mobydisc Jukebox mixes your tracks to the beat.. just like a professional DJ!


Anyone can access the millions of Songs on Youtube or Spotify, but those won't help your party. The more tracks you need, the harder it is to find the right ones and to make your guests dance. You won't have that problem with our Jukebox: Our best DJs have put their playlists into our Jukebox, so that finding the next song is child's play. Of course, our playlists are sorted by genres: The mobydisc Jukebox will accompany an 80s nostalgia party just as well as a rave party. You can also create your own playlist before the party and let your guests play their own wishes during it. 



The Jukebox Rent includes a modern PA system with 1400 Watt musicpower. Both setup and its use are easy and comprehensible. Anything is possible, from quiet background music to intense bass. And if 1400 Watt is not enough for you, you can combine a second PA. We'll scale the equipment to your needs.

Speeches & Presenations?

Not a problem. Each Jukebox comes with a professional microphone, so there's nothing in the way of your speech. For extra flexibility you can also combine it with one of our radio microphones.


The Stage is yours! Stop the dance.. select one of the current 1000 most popular Karaoke tracks that come with our Karaoke option, grab the mike and go! The Touchscreen display will show you the lyrics alongside high quality background tracks. You can find more Infos about  Karaoke hire here.

How it works

Choose if you'd like your Jukebox delivered and set up or if you'd rather pick it up at our main office. We can also send the Jukebox to your home address and you send it back the next day. The Jukebox can be transported in any standard car.


Beamer, Iphone, Guitar.. anything that produces noise can be attached to the Jukebox. As mentioned above, you will find a microphone included. 

Jukebox hire?

Give us a call or use the chat function below. Or send us an email including the date and location of your event at [email protected]