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Let's have a party! A schoolformal, a birthday, a get-together with old friends? Whatever the celebration, make sure to book a mobydisc party DJ to take care of the music the music. Why? Because we know how to make people dance and have a great time. That is why we enjoy our job as DJs So what are the secret ingredients?


It's your party - your DJ - your music!

You know what you and what your friends and guests like. Our philosophy is that good music is the kind that the client enjoys. Your party, your music has become our motto! And that is why at mobydisc we make sure to discuss your music tastes in detail to guarantee the success of your party.  How?


Use our music request sheet.

Design your party yourself! Just go through our music questionaire and tick the styles of music you like.. or sometimes even more importantly: Make sure to tell us what not to play. Use the same sheet to tell your DJ to MC whether you want him to keep in the background or to actively encourage your guests. It only takes a few minutes to plan that important part of your fete.


Use our playlist builder

Want to go into detail? Sure! Use our online tool to assemble your own party playlist. Choose your favourite bands or songs. To help you find your way around we have playlists put together by some of our best party DJs. When you're done just print the list and hand it to the DJ on the evening of your party.


Always open to requests

There's nothing worse than a DJ who thinks he knows best and ignores all requests made to him. Well we're not like that - We even encourage guests to place requests and try to play as many as possible.


Where's the party DJ?

Our headoffice is in the Rhein Main area, but we have branches in Hamburg, Berlin, Duesseldorf, Cologne, Stuttgart, Nuremberg and Munich. So if you party in Germany.. we're probably around the corner. For a complete list of areas we serve, have a look at Where We Are on the menu bar.


What about light and sound equipment?

No need to worry about that. The DJ will bring everything he needs: PA sound equipment to match the number of guests, special lighing effects and if needed a mike for speeches.



We pride ourselves on our reliability, but we also know that to err is human. This is why we have a standby emergency service available 24 hours a day. So you can relax about a DJ taking ill or there being technical difficulties. In case of problems, the DJ will give us a call and another party DJ will arrive to play your songs or replace the equipment.


Our experience is your advantage!

  • experience from over 30 years, 25.000 events in Germany and 300.000 worldwide
  • thoroughly trained and inspected DJs
  • fair and transparent prices
  • 30-day cancellation period
  • noncommittal and extensive counseling
  • full-service including Sound & Light, artists, Karaoke and more


What are the costs for a party DJ?

The costs depend mostly on the whereabouts and the size of the needed sound equipment. The quickest and easiest way for a quote is to give us a call on 0800 83 60 900 or +49 6173 924610 in case you are calling from outside Germany. Or alternatively, just use the form at the top of the page.