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Sound and Vision

PA System Hire

New at mobydisc Frankfurt: From now on you can simply hire one of our music PA systems. So in case you already have a DJ, but lack the speaker system or any other DJ equipment - just give us a call? Planning a party and you already have a laptop full of music and great DJ Playlists but no sound sytem? - We bring the proper Sound System to go along. We offer the same PA Systems as the ones our DJs use. Just adapt the size of the system to your parties needs. But what kind of eqipment do you actually need?


Sound Systems

The PA system consists of three parts: The mixer console, speakers and amplifier. The latter two have to be attuned to each other. There are also 'active speaker systems', which are already integrated into the amplifier. With the mixer console you can hook up several sound sources to the amplifier, for example notebooks, CD players, microphones and so on. If you are looking for eqipment for a professional DJ, you should rent a DJ mixer console.

Our DJ Boxes

Since 1992 we have been almost exclusively using products of the German manufacturer HK Audio. For mobile events we recommend the PR 12 with 300 Watts. If you want to play for larger crowds or locations, you can simply add Subwoofers. If the space is limited, we can offer smaller speakers. We only lease speakers in combination with the matching amplifiers and speaker stands. The following are some packages fit for parties and speech transmission.

A little more flair?

Sound follows lightning. Of course you can hire the matching party lights with us. Intense lights for the dance floor or subtle floorspots to build up an atmosphere in your location: Get your party going with the right lighting. The following are a few examples from our program: