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The most popular wedding games

No topic where the ghosts divorce as wedding games. For some they are a horror and for the next an absolute must. For those who like games or are looking for ideas for games, part 2 of our Wedding Guide is dedicated. And if you do not like games - do not worry: a mobydisc wedding DJ will never force you to your luck;) The deposits presented here may be planned by you or your friends, but the DJ can also moderate or organize the wedding games. It is important to use a coordinator. This can e.g. make a best man or just your wedding DJ. Agreements because of the timing with the restoration and other participants then run in the background and you only care about enjoying a nice evening!
Wedding-typical deposits


Cutting of the cake

This should be arranged early with host and DJ. In particular, the DJ needs an agreed upon sign if a certain Einmarschmusik is desired. Is the cake accompanied by table fireworks? Should the room be darkened? A few titles that are suitable as Einmarschmusik for the cake:

  • Conquest of Paradise
  • Captains March
  • Empire Theme

You can also choose a particular song to cut the cake together.

Bridal bouquet throwing

To make sure the bridal bouquet is successful, your DJ can organize it. He will ask all unmarried ladies to come to the dance floor. The bride turns her back to the crowd and throws the bridal bouquet without looking. Legend has it that the catcher is the next bride. A variant is to connect the bride with a cloth the eyes and to let the "virgins" form a circle. To music, the guests turn to the bride. When the music stops, the bride throws the bouquet. To this variant is to be remarked that it came repeatedly to bribe attempts against our impartial DJs, if a certain person should catch the ostrich. In any case, the next bride so determined must initiate the next round of dancing with a waltz.

Garter auction

You should first determine an auctioneer and set the auction type. There are two auction types. The normal auction you know for sure, the highest bid receives the price. An alternative is the American auction, where a pot or hat is handed around, in which the bidders deposit. The last depositor receives the prize regardless of the amount of the amount. At the American auction, it is best to set a minimum bid that will be raised by the auctioneer over time. Otherwise, 2 cents offer an endless duration.

Women increase against men:

The bride puts the foot of the leg where the tape is on a stool (beverage box goes too) and takes her hands to the skirt. Increases only with coins. When a man throws a coin, the bride pulls the skirt 10cm up and that goes until the garter is visible. Who then threw the last coin, gets the tape. However, if a woman throws a coin, the bride takes the skirt 10 cm lower. When men and women get together a bit, a wild up and down with the bride's skirt is the result.

Throw garter:

The pendant to the bridal bouquet. Before, the bride's groom removes the garter. To make it more interesting, with both hands on your back. Then he throws the garter and all unmarried men get up and try to catch the tape.

Veil dance

Here is the bride on the dance floor and 4 people hold the veil over her. If someone throws a freely selectable amount into the veil, he may dance to cuddly music under the veil with the bride, until another by throwing money into the veil "rub off". The Journey to Jerusalem For all those who never had an invitation to a birthday party, the basic rule is simple: For each player, one chair is placed in a row, but one less than a teammate. The DJ plays music and the players walk around the chairs until the music stops. Now the guests throw themselves on the chairs, the last one leaves. A chair is removed and the process repeated.


But for weddings there is a pretty variant:

Requires 13 players; everyone has a chair. Now the game manager distributes errands that every player has to do at the same time. In time, a chair is removed and the slowest player is eliminated. As a reward for his departure, he receives another task, which is to be fulfilled next year for the bride and groom. Possible tasks are: Get a pen, credit card, keychain, sheet of toilet paper ... This should increase the difficulty. Whether you want to incorporate more rigorous tasks such as the search for condoms or underwear, depends on the perception of pain in society. Suggestions for the prizes are:

  • January: Invite the bride and groom to a toboggan party.
  • February: Invite the newlyweds to a carnival party.
  • March: Helping the bridal couple with the spring cleaning.
  • April: Give the bridal couple an Easter basket.
  • May: Take a bike ride with the bride and groom.
  • June: invite the bridal couple to the barbecue party.
  • July: Invite the bridal couple to a champagne breakfast / brunch.
  • August: Invite the bridal couple to the cinema.
  • September: Give the bride and groom a huge bouquet of autumn flowers.
  • October: Invite the bridal couple to the beer garden.
  • November: For the first Advent bake a basket of cookies for the bridal couple.
  • December: Invite the bride and groom to mulled wine at the Christmas market.

Whoever remains last gets a prize, e.g. a bottle of sparkling wine, is invited by the bridal couple to dinner or something similar.

Dancing to Jerusalem
(musical chairs)

This game is a variation of the o.g. Trip to Jerusalem. While 12 couples dance to the music of their wedding DJ (of course, the newlyweds may want something special), a broomstick is passed from pair to pair. When the music stops, the couple that owns the broomstick will drop out (just drop or refuse, of course). The couple gets a job for one of the months January to December, which they have to redeem with the bridal couple (examples see above). The game is only over when there is only one more couple on the dance floor. Of course, this should get a small price. More wedding games and ideas We want to expand this page continuously, set your bookmark and come back soon. If you know any ideas or great wedding games, then we look forward to your tip at http://[email protected]