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DJ Dormagen - Your DJ For Wedding And Parties By Mobydisc

Hire a DJ in Dormagen

Are you planning a Party and looking for the right kind of music in Dormagen? No matter if you have a wedding reception in Zons, or a fete in Rheinfeld or maybe even a club night in Broich . The Mobydisc DJ Dormagen is at your service.

Dormagen Djs play your requests

That is what's different about our Discjockeys: They will never play just their type of music – they will stick to the music that you have selected and that you like. And what you like may be very different to any other night. How about background music? Do you like Mowtown Classics or rather something like Cool Jazz? And what are you're favourite artists for dance music? More along the lines of Bay City Rollers or REM? They all can be part of your music programme – or not. We will go very much into detail about this. With our music request sheets you can choose the directions. All you like will be played, and all you dislike will stay in the Djs record case. That's a promise: Your DJ Dormagen doesn't just do his thing – he is there for you. Would you like to be even more detailed about the Music? Have a look at our online playlist builder. With this you choose all your favourite songs and artists and just hand the list to the Discjockey. And music requests made by guests? We love them!. So much we will start the evening with an announcement that we invite everyone to parttake. And we have smaller request sheets with us on the night.

DJ Emergeny Service in Dormagen

If you've booked your DJ with Mobydisc, then you can relax. We know how important your party is, and that nothing may go wrong. And that stuff happens and people turn ill or equimpent gets faulty. And that is why we always keep Djs Dormagen on standby. So if something happens, then in most cases you will not even notice, because another DJ is there to do the job.

The DJ Equipment for Dormagen

You can hire the DJ Dormagen without the mobile discotheque, but usually we bring everything that is needed. Also we very much recommend this, because the standard setup comes at no extra cost. And it allows us to guarantee that everything is working. Of course we only bring high quality DJ equimpent: DJ Player and DJ Mixers, Amps and speakers – and special effect lighting for the dance floor. How much DJ Equimpent you need, depends on the size of your function and of course your personal taste (and budget). We will give you a few suggestions with your free quote.

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DJs in Dormagen buchen

Und wie kommen Sie jetzt an den DJ Dormagen? Ganz einfach: Schicken Sie uns eine kurze Email, am Besten mit dem DJ Anfrageformular oben. Den eins brauchen wir immer - und das ist das Datum Ihrer Feier und natürlich den Ort. Im Umkreis von Dorsten sind Anfahrtkosten für den DJ Dorsten inklusive, wenn Sie woanders feiern, bitte Bescheid sagen. Teilen Sie uns doch auch mit, was Sie feiern.. Eine Hochzeit oder ein Geburtstag? Eine Firmenfeier? Wir checken die Verfügbarkeit der DJs und schicken Ihnen sofort ihr Angebot zu.

Noch schneller geht es mit einem kurzen Anruf.

Buchen können Sie den DJ Dorsten, dann auch telefonisch oder per Email. Einfach die Anfrage Referenz mitteilen und der DJ Dorsten ist gebucht. Dank unserem DJ Notdienst felsenfest. Jetzt müssen Sie uns nur noch die Musikwünsche mitteilen und die letzten Details.

Der DJ Dorsten und die Technik kommen immer direkt von mobydisc. Wir sind keine Agentur oder online Plattform.